The formats of presentation and documentation of the research vary depending on each place where it is developed and each human group involved. Hence, they can be performative, scenic, audiovisual, installation…. 

However, all of them will be accompanied by a compendium of writings that will not only collect the process in an experiential way, but will also summarize the devices applied. The aim is that these can be replicated by other communities, collectives or people interested in using these practices in their own realities.

The intention is to reach a heterogeneous audience. You are also interested in an audience that can know and discuss the topic on which the process is focused (students/specialists in social sciences, art, history, psychology, law, members of migrant support associations, civic orientation centers, cultural institutions, etc.). 

It is essential to generate a network that helps to connect different entities, organizations and institutions through personal and committed action.

Rivers erode.
Rivers are a starting and meeting point.
Rivers flow by gravity.
Rivers shape the landscape.